This is a one-day workshop that will show you how to establish the first step to Shared Justifiable Confidence within your organisation. 

There are three potential steps in all:

  1. where everyone has justifiable confidence in your team’s working practices – and any IC practices you may recommend other people follow.  It means you get your own way, all the time (or discover ways to improve).  
  2. where all employees have justifiable confidence in their own ability to apply your recommended working practices, so everyone can have justifiable confidence in the quality of everybody else’s IC. 
  3. where the people responsible for other working practices – eg Reward & Recognition, IT system design, etc – are using the ‘justifiable confidence’ approach to reconfigure those practices.  That way, everyone – both inside and outside your organisation – can share justifiable confidence in everything it’s doing.

By this end of the Deep Dive, you’ll have a costed* plan for that first step, and a provisional business case to take to your key decision-maker(s). 

* occasionally some of the numbers, for some of what you need, may not be immediately available.  But you should know most of the investments you’ll be looking for, and be clear about what you’ll need to add.

The Deep Dive…

…is made up of four 90 minute modules.  If we’re running it in person, we would do so in a single day.  If we’re doing it online, we would split the sessions over at least two days (coz no one can realistically handle six hours of online learning in one lump).

Let’s show you how it works, and what’s in it for you:

Session 1: Where are you now, and where do you want to get to?

We’ll tease out all the niggles and frustrations that are holding back you and your people.  And we’ll look at your unfulfilled aspirations; all those “If only’s”.  We’ll also think about the business impact these challenges are having.

Once you’ve got everything out in the open, you and your team can start having some fun, by flipping all this gnarly stuff on its head, and spelling out your ideal working scenarios.

Session 2: What’s it worth?

It’s unrealistic to think you can to click your fingers, and suddenly everyone will have Shared Justifiable Confidence in everything you and your team are doing.  Those changes will almost certainly take an investment of time, money and effort.  And if you’re going to get your key decision maker(s) to back you, they’re going to want to see a business case.

So in this session we use a really cool IC Financial Auditing tool called REALISE, to help you put together some credible numbers to justify that investment.  And it’s completely OK if you hate doing sums (many IC people do).  REALISE does all the number crunching for you.  It’s a piece of cake.

Session 3: What’ll it take?

Now you know you’re worth a fortune (coz the that’s what Session 2 always reveals) it’s time to map out everything that you, and everyone you work with, will need if Shared Justifiable Confidence is to become your everyday reality. 

For this we use another fun tool, called The Wish List Builder.  It makes it super-easy for you to identify all the resources your employer will need to provide.

Session 4: The business case

Once you know everything you’ll need (not just for yourself and your team, but everyone you work with) you can start putting some numbers on those investments.  The Wish List Builder enables you to put these figures together, and marry them up with the current costs you identified in Session 2. 

It means your key decision-maker(s) will be able to see how big the ROI is likely to be if they give you, your team, and everyone else you work with, all the resources needed to do the job with Justifiable Confidence. 

Inevitably this ROI figure will be provisional, but may be enough to get you everything you require.  If not, it should certainly be enough to justify the further research needed to make the ROI figures truly robust.

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So that’s where our Deep Dive can take you.  But would it be a good ‘fit’ for you?  Would we be a good fit for you?  Maybe, but if you’re unsure, you can always check out our FREE Justifiable Confidence Masterclass.

Or, if you’re curious to know more about the Deep Dive itself, or would like to talk to us about arranging a Deep Dive with you and your team, pop your details below, and we’ll set up a time for a chat.

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