90 minutes of transformative learning…

…where our intention is to help you see if Shared Justifiable Confidence is something you want for yourself, your team and your organisation.  Is it right for you?  It may not be.  Or maybe not the right time.  But if it is, how can you get there?  Well, let’s see.

In this session we’ll help you:

  1. Assess where you are currently in relation to Shared Justifiable Confidence (SJC).
  2. See what SJC could do for you and your team – in practical, everyday terms – so you can pick out what’s most important for you.
  3. Understand why IC Teams the world over find it tough to achieve SJC  – even when they’re confident in their own abilities.  (Where does the paradigm itself need a rethink?)
  4. See inside the Justifiable Confidence Model, so you can understand why and how it ‘does what it says on the tin’.  You’ll understand how it can enable you not only to establish Justifiable Confidence within your team, but to deliver it to every one of your organisation’s stakeholder groups.
  5. Identify any practical next steps you want to take.

The logistics


We usually run these sessions online, unless you’re in London, UK – in which case you have the option to get everyone together for an in-situ event.  (In-situ events are always better than online.) 

If it will work better for you, some people can always dial in to an in-situ event.

Group size

Unsurprisingly, SJC can have the greatest impact on larger organisations, so we like to work with a minimum team size of four.  And while there’s no upper limit on how many of your colleagues you can invite, it’s probably best to restrict this session to your immediate reports, and/or peers.


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