free online workshop

What you’ll discover…

…in 90 minutes:

  • why every organisation has inherited an unhealthy IC paradigm
  • why that paradigm hurts everybody’s well-being
  • why it has always been costing a fortune
  • how it undermines brand value
  • how IC Practice Governance can turn it around, and make everyone’s life better (including yours)
  • how to credibly measure its huge bottom-line value, before investing a penny in it
  • the practical steps it takes to introduce IC Practice Governance.

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This free workshop is useful for IC teams, and/or HR, OD and L&D managers. And it will likely be of interest to Finance Managers too. You can have a one-to-one session, or invite as many colleagues as you want.

Drop us a line and we’ll arrange an initial chat to work out what you’ll find most valuable.