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The Communication Game


IC Practice Governance…

…will make your life better. It’ll make everyone’s life better in your organisation.

It’s a radical new way for you to up everyone’s game as internal communicators:

    • your own team
    • leaders
    • line managers
    • and their teams…

…so your whole organisation can do more with less. How is this possible?

Internal communication:

    • is the only business activity everyone does. (Not everyone manages people, or budgets. Not everyone does sales, or runs IT systems. But everyone communicates.)

    • pervades every other business activity. So the better people’s internal communicating, the better (and more cheaply) everything else runs. And the better everyone’s likely to feel

IC Practice Governance:

    1. supports employee well-being
    2. significantly reduces operating costs
    3. enhances brand value…

…in a way nothing else can.

Follow the links below to discover more. Or, if you prefer the personal touch, you can book a FREE online workshop in which we’ll walk you through:

    • what it is
    • how it works
    • what’s in it for you
    • how easily you can bring it to life in your organisation.

Navigating this novel concept

We’ve organised this site into four sections so you can easily find out all you need to know:

What is IC Governance? Get your head around the concept in less than a couple of minutes.

What’s it worth? IC Practice Governance can return thousands of pounds/dollars/euro per employee, per year. Here you can find out how much it could be worth to your organisation.

How to make it happen. What tools and support can you tap into, if you want to introduce IC Practice Governance to your organisation?

About us. Who are the brains behind IC Practice Governance ?

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