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It all begins with what you want

Do you have everything you want to be living your best working life as an IC Specialist?  And we do mean everything:

  • all the time you want?
  • all the budget?
  • all the confidence?
  • all the influence?
  • all the opportunities?
  • all the fulfilment?
  • all the everything?

Every day?

Having it all isn’t greedy or selfish.  In fact it’s the exact opposite.

Selling yourself short actually hurts others

The truth is that, as an Internal Communication Specialist, you can’t live the dream yourself without making life better for everyone your work touches – directly or indirectly:

  • your team 
  • your clients
  • their audiences
  • your organisation as a whole, and
  • all of your organisation’s external stakeholders.

It inevitably follows, then, that not living your best working life means these people’s lives are also less good than they otherwise would be.  In other words, you have a moral obligation to be living the dream (sorry ‘bout that).

Why dare to dream?

Start building your Dream for free

That being the case, let’s imagine you want it all – for everyone’s benefit.  How can you turn it from a heart-felt yearning into an everyday reality – probably in less than a year? 

(We say ‘probably’ because it depends to some extent on what your specific dream looks like, where you’re starting from, and the kind of organisation you’re working for.  But you could certainly have the basics in place in as little as six months.)

Better still, how can you reach this dream in such a way that it will remain your everyday reality for as long as you work in IC – wherever your career takes you from hereon?

Our free ‘Dare to Dream’ workshop will spell it out for you.

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