The Communication Game

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enabling IC Teams to maximise competence, fulfilment and business impact

Internal Communication is…

…the only business activity every employee does.  (Not everyone manages people, or budgets, or IT systems, or does sales, etc.  But everyone communicates with others inside their organisation.)

It also pervades every other business activity.  So it’s pivotal for any organisation’s success.

About the Communication Game

a unique challenge:

If you run, or are a member of, an Internal Communication Team, you face a challenge which won’t be experienced by any other business specialist. 

Because IC is the only activity everyone else does, your clients may rightly or wrongly think they know how to do your job every bit as well as you. 

This can often make it tricky to call the shots unless you have an unimpeachable mandate.

About developing your mandate

an innovative approach:

One way of developing your mandate is by having working practices no one can argue with. 

The more demonstrably fit for purpose they are, and the more demonstrably valid those purposes, the more likely people will be to go along with them.

That’s why the Communication Game practices we teach: whether language standards, briefing process, feedback management etc, are all DFVP: Demonstrably Fit for Valid Purposes (that’s where the ‘unimpeachable’ bit comes from).

about Communication Game training

a supportive ethos:

One of the challenges with planning any professional development is knowing where to set the bar for yourself and your colleagues.  With all your other work commitments it’s not a good idea to over-stretch.  But nor would you want to sell yourself short.

That’s why we offer you a risk and cost-free workshop, to help you and your team understand how high the bar can go, so you can start working out where to set it.

about our free workshops