What our alumni say about our courses.

"It's completely changed the way I view Internal Communication. The tuition is unlike ‘normal' training, as it's very practical and you use your brain the entire time: connecting things you've never connected before and changing the way you think. For me, it's the ultimate model for IC and I think anyone who is serious about it should go on this programme."
Lizzie Barrett
IC Consultant / BP
"I would highly recommend it. It's the best course, of any kind, I've ever done. ROB has spoiled me for other trainers.”

Sandra Kokot
Internal Communication Manager / Sony Professional

"This is such a fabulous product”

Jennie Davis
Head of Management Development / Somerfield Stores

"ROB was brilliant and his training style superb. I particularly enjoyed the innovative ways he found to stimulate the mind."

Shenan Morgan
Internal Communication Manager / Vodafone

"An absolutely fantastic, brilliantly put-together programme. ROB is amazing, and has got IC down to a fine art. Learning so much in so little time, he's made me see IC in such a completely different light that it feels like I've been communicating with my eyes shut until now. I can't tell you how much more confident I feel.”

Saskia Dornan
Head of Internal Communication – Virgin Group

"When I first saw the course outline, I thought ‘This is too good to be true'. But when you do the training you realise that ‘Yes, there is a process here that will really work'. ”

Heike Nitschner
Webmaster – European Central Bank

"Wow! So much to learn.”

Sue Williams
Education Manager / Institute of Internal Communication

"Do it. Even if you think you're great at your job and have all the right skills, this course will teach you new things. And this is the only place you can learn it.”

Kerrie Armitage
Internal Communication Manager / Amey

"A structured, scientific and empowering approach to the process of producing internal comms. I can't now imagine being able to produce effective comms without this model”

Shelley McIvor
Change Manager / Nationwide Building Society

"ROB is excellent; I have learned more from him in one day than I have from everyone else in the last five years”

Nicky Woods
IC Consultant

"Very practical course, and applies to any level of expertise and any industry (and to anyone involved in communicating in business – not just IC Specialists).”

Lianne Veasey
Communication Manager / Babcock

"By using this process, I'm now saving between 20 and 30 minutes whenever I'm taking a brief from someone, because it focuses them properly and cuts out all the waffle”

Rikesh Shah
IC Specialist / Transport for London

"Even if you've been working in this field, this training provides processes that you may not even be conscious of.”

Tim Ledwith
Internal Communication Specialist / United Nations

"I came in with an open mind, and took away so much that I am able to put together a complete toolkit for our organisation.”

Matt Twilley
Internal Communication Manager / Vodafone (Europe)

"Excellent course, providing great insight into professional internal communication practice. ROB is an expert trainer”

John Gannon
Internal Communication Manager / Department for Energy & Climate Change