approvals process masterclass

 A FREE Webinar: 17th March 2022

Sticky approvals can be really bad news

Many Communication Specialists (whether internal or external) know what a pain it can often be to get their work approved and signed off.  And part of the problem is that it’s often not even something you can predict. 

Sometimes communications may glide effortlessly through the process, while others can get stuck in a nightmare of seemingly never-ending redrafts.  And plenty fall somewhere between those two extremes.

Apart from the time cost, and the frustration, there’s also the potential bruising of people’s confidence and working relationships.  Then there’s risk of missing deadlines and/or fudged compromises.  And they can mean higher costs and/or a lower quality end product.  This in turn may add less business value and potentially hurt the communicators’ reputations and employee performance. 

That’s a lot of bad news.  And  many people (both approvers and comms specialists) believe a ‘sticky’ approvals process is something they just have to live with.

It isn’t.  

Two places approvals can get stuck

There are two specific reasons why communications get stuck.  Both of them are solvable – which is just as well, because neither will fix the problem on its own. 

This masterclass will show you what they are, and the specific steps you can take to tackle this seemingly intractable problem.

We’ll explore:

  • the procedures you need to put in place to set up the approvals process 
  • the unconscious body-mind processes which people use when they’re approving communications.

Together, these insights will show you what’s needed to manage the process elegantly.

What’s in it for your organisation?

Smoothing out the approvals process will save a chunk of otherwise wasted time for a number of senior people.  So they can be freed up to focus on more productive work.

You’ll also be reducing their  frustration, and potential stress levels – which would surely be no bad thing.  And their confidence, and working relationships with their fellow approvers, can only be improved. 

Any communication production costs can be kept down. 

Communications will be much more likely to arrive on time and, significantly, without any compromises to their quality. 

This in turn can only make it more likely those communications will deliver the desired results, better employee performance and well-being, and enhanced brand value.  (This can only better underpin those senior folks’ reputations too.) 

What’s in it for you?

When you apply this learning you can take a load off your own and stress levels: those in-the-moment frustrations, and that more subtle background hum of  knowing things could get gnarly.  And you’ll gain more time to do the stuff you love.  But how usable can just 90 minutes of learning be? 

When you have to get your writing signed off by one individual, this session should give you everything you need. If you have to get some comms through a group approval, this masterclass will show you how it can be done. 

Inevitably group approvals are more complex, so you may want a little extra help.  But you’ll know:

  • that the solution exists – so you no longer have to resign yourself to tortuous approvals
  • the specific steps you can take to remove the headaches

And of course you’ll get the kudos for having made life better for some of your most senior people.

As an added bonus, you’ll also learn about writer’s block.  This is not something you ‘have’ it’s something you ‘do’.  And you’ll learn how you, and your colleagues, can undo it.  

Pick your timeslot

We’ll be running three sessions across the day.  Choose the time that suits you best.

06.00 UTc Best for asia & australasia
13.00 UTc Best for europe & africa
19.00 utc best for the americas