the dream builder

create your ideal way of working in four simple sessions

Professional Development Planning was never like this


Do you dare to dream as big as you could – for everything you’ve always wanted for yourself, your team, and your employer?   If you’ve been in IC for years, perhaps there are some things you think aren’t worth wishing for, because they’ll never happen.  We don’t buy it. 

We believe you not only can – but should – have everything you want.  It’s in everyone’s interests.  Here are four steps you can take to put together the ultimate Professional Development Plan.

STEP 1: Creating a catalyst for change

One of the biggest hurdles to getting everything you want is being able to prove to the key decision makers that you’re worth it.  This is where so many people are looking in the wrong direction.

They try to demonstrate the value of what they do.  Big mistake.  If you’re only proving your current value, where’s the catalyst for change?  You’re worth that much already.

What you need to show your leaders is your untapped potential: how much you could be worth if you were given everything you want:

  • all the time
  • all the budget
  • all the authority…

…all the everything.

That’s the key to unlocking your dreams as an IC Specialist.  This is what we cover in Session 1.  And the good news is you don’t even have to do any sums.

STEP 2: Creating that future vision

When you know how much headroom you have, you can really afford to dream big – if you want.

It’s up to you.

Maybe you have a BHAG (Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal).  After all, IC is the only activity everyone in your organisation does.  What impact could you and your team of specialists be having on your organisation as a whole – if you decided to go for it?

Or maybe your goals are more modest.  And that’s fine too.  The point is, whatever your dreams, you can create that vision of how you want the future to be for yourself and your team – safe in the knowledge you’re more than worth all of it.

In this session we’ll help you define it – whatever you choose – and the business benefits you believe that dream can deliver.

STEP 3: Building your wish list

Now you know where you want to get to, you can get stuck into defining everything you need to make it happen.  What are all those blocks, niggles, frustrations and confidence-knockers that could get in the way?  And what are all the resources you’ll need to remove them?

Some may be resources you need for yourself and your team. Some may be things other people need (apart from that awareness of your huge untapped potential).

In this session we help you spell them all out in detail, so you have as comprehensive a wish list as possible.

STEP 4: Building your business case

Now it’s time to pull it all together:

  • What investment would you need to fulfil your wish-list?
  • How does it compare with the value of your untapped potential?
  • What would the ROI look like?

Of course you may need to do further research to make your numbers robust.  That’s OK.  Even your ballpark figures may be enough to convince your key decision-makers.

And if they do want to see firmer figures, it’s only because they’ve already bought into the principle of giving you everything you want.

The practical nuts and bolts

  • Each session runs for 90 minutes.
  • In the current environment we’ll conduct them on Zoom.
  • You can have one to one sessions or use this as a team-building event.

Introductory offer

The standard price is £1950 +VAT.  But we’re offering a limited number of sessions at reduced rates:

  • One-to-one: £900 +VAT
  • Team builder: £1400 +VAT

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