Briefing process – Defining IC needs

Issues it can help you with, personally

Introducing a DFVP briefing process can help with the most common issues people struggle with – whether communicating for themselves, or involving IC Specialists:

  1. struggling to identify what they need to communicate (but they’ll know it when they see it).
  2. asking for help at the last minute.
  3. not putting aside enough time to brief other people properly.
  4. having to spend ages getting a communication approved
  5. getting others to put loads of work into some IC projects which then get cancelled.
  6. not having as much influence in the organisation as they want and need.
  7. not having as much confidence as they want in their own copywriting skills, or those of others.
  8. not having as much confidence as they need in the business value their communications are adding.

GAME outcomes

This Communication GAME will show you how to set standards that can:

  1. Enable even the most confused of people to quickly identify valid outcomes for their communications
  2. Maximise the chances of communications being effectively directed at everyone who needs them and, as far as possible, waste no one’s time
  3. Help people identify and validate all the content those audiences will need
  4. Tease out any SMARTIED resources those audiences may require


What’s in it for IC Specialists

  • More time
  • More confidence
  • Less frustration and stress
  • More influence
  • More fulfilment
  • Enhanced career prospects

What’s in it for non-specialists

  • Less time wasting
  • More confidence
  • An enhanced reputation

What’s in it for your organisation

  • Happier, more fulfilled employees
  • Fewer mistakes and misunderstandings
  • Less stress and frustration across the workforce
  • Better customer service
  • Enhanced reputation
  • Reduced business costs

Sample plaudits

“When I first saw the course outline I thought ‘This is too good to be true’. But when you do the training you realise that ‘Yes, there is a process here that will really work'”
Heike Nitschner
Webmaster – European Central Bank

“It was an absolutely fantastic, brilliantly put-together course. It feels like I’ve been communicating with my eyes shut until now. I can’t tell you how much better and more confident I feel about my job role. I would definitely recommend it.”
Saskia Dornan
Head of Internal Communication – Virgin Group



Six 90 minute sessions

Pre-requisite learning

Communication GAME A

Class sizes

Minimum class size

  • for SMEs: 2
  • for larger organisations: 4

Maximum class size: 10

Inclusive support package

The course package includes

  • A fully-scripted PPT presentation
  • Full documentation of the DFVP briefing process
  • A follow-up one-to-one coaching session


Prices vary depending on the number of delegates you have. Progressive discounts apply to teams of more than four.

Download the course outline