FEEDBACK management

Issues it can help you with

Having DFVP practices for gathering and providing feedback, should help maximise the possibility of everyone always providing timely feedback – which fulfils TRACELACE criteria.

So audiences and communicators alike always know what each other need, when, where and how.

Course outcomes

This programme will show you how to:

  • Monitor the effectiveness of all the internal communications you produce
  • Support employees in providing focused, valuable feedback
  • Constantly monitor and refine your organisation’s IC policies, procedures and systems to keep them all DFVP


What’s in it for IC Specialists

  • More confidence
  • Less frustration and stress
  • More influence
  • More fulfilment
  • Enhanced career prospects

What’s in it for clients

  • More justifiable confidence in IC Specialists and themselves
  • The ability to work with higher quality Management Information
  • An enhanced reputation

What’s in it for your organisation

  • Happier, more fulfilled employees
  • Fewer mistakes and misunderstandings
  • Less stress and frustration across the workforce
  • Better customer service
  • Enhanced reputation
  • Reduced business costs

Sample plaudits

“This is such a fabulous product”

Jennie Davis
Head of Management Development – Somerfield Stores

“It’s completely changed the way I view Internal Communication. The tuition is unlike ‘normal’ training, as it’s very practical and you use your brain the entire time: connecting things you’ve never connected before and changing the way you think.  For me, it’s the ultimate model for IC and I think anyone who is serious about it should go on this programme.”

Lizzie Barrett
VP, Group Brand Strategy Director at Symphony Talent



Four 2 hour sessions

Pre-requisite learning

Communication GAMEs A & B

Class sizes

Minimum class size

  • for SMEs: 2
  • for larger organisations: 4

Maximum class size: 10

Inclusive support package

The course package includes:

  • A fully-scripted PPT presentation
  • Full documentation of the DFVP practices for:
  1. Channel management
  2. Outcome Measurement & Feedback management
  3. IC system feedback
  • A follow-up one-to-one coaching session


Prices vary depending on the number of delegates you have. Progressive discounts apply to teams of more than four.

Download the course outline