Campaign planning
AND message calendar

Issues it can help you with

Introducing a DFVP campaign process can help with:

  • having to spend ages getting communications approved
  • putting loads of work into some IC projects which then get cancelled
  • not having as much influence in the organisation as you want and need
  • not having as much confidence as you want in the business value you’re adding.

Having a DFVP message calendar can help reduce communication failure costs

Course outcomes

This three day programme will show you how to:

  1. Validate and/or refine any client brief
  2. Plan successful campaigns from end to end
  3. Set up or refine, and manage, an effective message calendar


What’s in it for you personally (and your team)

  • More time
  • More confidence
  • Less frustration and stress
  • More influence
  • More fulfilment
  • Enhanced career prospects

What’s in it for your leadership team

  • More justifiable confidence in you and themselves
  • An enhanced reputation

What’s in it for your organisation

  • Happier, more fulfilled employees
  • Fewer mistakes and misunderstandings
  • Less stress and frustration across the workforce
  • Better customer service
  • Enhanced reputation
  • Reduced business costs



Seven 2 hour sessions

Pre-requisite learning

Communication GAMEs A & B

Class sizes

Minimum class size 4. Maximum class size 10

Inclusive support package

The course package includes:

  • A fully-scripted PPT presentation
  • Full documentation of the DFVP practices for:
  1. Campaign Planning
  2. Message Calendar
  • A follow-up one-to-one coaching session


Prices vary depending on the number of delegates you have. Progressive discounts apply to teams of more than four.

Download the course outline