IC practice Standards: e-learning

For non-specialists

This is an e-learning package to support you in rolling out the standards. Inevitably it doesn’t go to the same level of detail, but will provide the essential insights, models and assessments everyone needs.

If you have your own e-learning platform we can provide you with all the collateral to put the modules together. If not you can buy a site license to use our platform.

Course outcomes

As a result of having completed this e-learning, employees at all levels will be able to :

  1. Think and communicate increasingly clearly and dynamically
  2. Identify what they need to be communicating, to whom, when and how, in any business situation they encounter
  3. Provide feedback which is always clear, valid, timely and complete, any time it’s needed.


Everyone attending this programme will likely end up:

  • gaining more time
  • being better at their job
  • contributing to better business results
  • having greater justifiable confidence in themselves
  • being able to think and communicate more effectively outside work as well.


If your organisation has its own e-learning platform, we can provide all the lesson plans, scripts and other learning and assessment collateral you may need, so you can set up your own programme.

Otherwise, you can buy a license to gain access to the course on our online platform.

download course outline