ic team  golden ticket

Make 2024 the year you create your ‘forever’ dream working  set-up – in four simple steps


Do you dare to dream as big as you could – for everything you’ve always wanted for yourself, your team, your clients and your organisation?   

We believe you not only can – but should – have everything you want.  It’s in everyone’s interests.  It’s why we created The IC Team Golden Ticket. 

The Golden Ticket gives you and your team: 

  • the ultimate Professional Development Plan
  • the business case to win over your key decision-makers…

…in four 90 minute sessions.

SESSION 1: Defining your dream working set-up – without compromise

We guess you want your career to count.  You want each day to matter.  But how much do you compromise because you don’t feel it’s realistic to ask for everything?

What would you dare to dream – for yourself and your team – if you knew for sure you would have the backing of your organisation’s leaders to go for it?

What are the:

  • challenges and blocks you’d love to leave behind;
  • contributions you’d love to be making;
  • opportunities you’d love to be given;
  • plaudits you’d love to be receiving…

…for yourself and your team?

In this session, we’ll help you map it all out. 

And you’ll also identify:

  • what’s keeping you from that ideal situation
  • the business consequences of you not having it all.

This will give you two vital building blocks for that compelling business case.

The third building block will be the focus of…

…SESSION 2: Understanding your untapped potential

One of the biggest hurdles to getting everything you want is being able to prove to the key decision makers that you’re worth it.  This is where so many people are looking in the wrong direction.

They try to demonstrate the value of what they do.  Big mistake.  If you’re only proving your current value, where’s the catalyst for change?  You’re worth that much already.

What you need to show your leaders is your untapped potential: how much you could be worth if you were given everything you want:

  • all the time
  • all the budget
  • all the authority…

…all the everything.

That’s the key to unlocking your dreams as an IC Specialist.  This is what we cover in Session 2.  And the good news is you don’t even have to do any sums.

SESSION 3: Identifying the resources everyone will need

Now you know where you want to get to, you can get stuck into defining everything you need to make it happen.  What are all the resources you’ll need to remove those blocks, niggles, frustrations and confidence-knockers?

Some may be resources you need for yourself and your team. Some may be things other people need (apart from that awareness of your huge untapped potential).

In this session we help you spell them all out in detail, so you have as comprehensive a ‘wish list’ as possible.

SESSION 4: Making an irresistible business case

Now it’s time to pull it all together:

  • What investment would you need to fulfil your wish-list?
  • How does it compare with the value of your untapped potential?
  • What would the ROI look like?

Of course you may need to do further research to make your numbers robust.  That’s OK (we can help you with this too).  And even the ballpark figures may be enough to convince your key decision-makers.

And if they do want to see firmer figures, it’s only because they’ve already bought into the principle of giving you everything you want.

How the sessions work

  1. We’ve designed this as a team event, so all your people feel involved, and learn at the same time.
  2. If practical, we can run all four sessions as an on-site team-building day.  Otherwise we’ll conduct the sessions online for you and your team – preferably across two or more days (six hours of online sessions in a single day doesn’t work that well).
  3. By the end of the process you’ll have a complete (and we believe compelling) business case to present to your key decision-makers.  (If you wish, we will be happy to sign an NDA beforehand.)
  4. We’ll provide all the materials and tools for your team to work with, as well as everything you need to present your business case.

We offer this package at a flat rate of just £880, regardless of the size of your team. 

And because IC pervades every other business activity, the key learning points will have value for others in your organisation. So if you have a small team, and feel it would be useful to invite others to attend (perhaps your boss, or someone from HR or L&D) they will be welcome to join in.

If you’re interested, the first thing to do is arrange an exploratory call using the form below.

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