irrepressible smile

Only six months old, and could already they feel: they have got life’s greatest Prize

Perhaps they know themselves to be lovable just as they are. No need for manipulation or lies.

And it seems they won’t remain always this way: that that unshakable love of who they are is going to ebb away

But for now they know it’s true, and it’s easy to see – by the irrepressible smile in their eyes

(Could they know they’re completely loved?)

Only six years old and could already they feel other folks opinions can decide

How lovable they are: ‘f they’ve done the “Right Things”, or if their true nature is going to have to run and hide

Will the other people approve? Being lovable seems to be a test: the results of which depend on the bewildering rules of all the rest.

Working out what’s “allowed” and what will bring them pain; on these two do their lovability seem to ride.

(Their eyes are losing their light)

Conflicting rules can be confusing: “What is naughty?  What’s amusing? Didn’t know it’s wrong to paint the settee.”

And as growing up becomes more hard, they’ll start hiding behind a façade: learning to contrive, just in order to survive.

So when they’re only sweet sixteen, and soured by a past of things that they could never have understood (at the time)

Some try to hurt each other; many often hurt themselves.  All just doing the best that they could.

And when they’re told “Just be yourself” have they got a clue who that is any more?For it’s been so long since they’ve known themselves as someone they can truly adore.

And it seems that that façade of theirs can harden over time, and sticks with them throughout their adulthood

(But you know the spark’s not gone for good)

For is it fiction?  Or maybe could anyone say “They sound like me”.  And since we can’t go back, we can’t unlearn, how on earth could anybody turn

And find a new direction for the heart to have free rein once more, and live a life of bliss?  Well, could it go like this?

I deserve to be happy.  I deserve to be free. So I want to know that it’s truly safe to truly express me.

So what are all the things that I need to learn, for my irrepressible smile to return?