setting yourself up to win:

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
Buckminster Fuller

“Or, better still, find someone who’s already built that model for you.”
Russell-Olivia Brooklands

Why you’re awesome

Wherever you’re at in your career, we know it could be either:

a) better, or

b) even better still.

Why do we know this for sure? Because it’s demonstrably the case that everyone has inherited a whole bunch of paradigms which make things trickier than they need to be.

And, crucially, it’s no one’s fault. Everyone’s in the same boat here – whether a CEO or a junior bod fresh out of school. So no one needs to feel bad or defensive about it.

But, and here’s the exciting bit: we can blow away most, if not all, of that inherited gnarliness, and start working increasingly in the sweet spot.

And what makes it all the more groovy is that, as an IC Specialist, you can’t possibly make your own working life better without the ripple effect touching everyone else in your organisation.

You are at the heart of making everyone’s working lives better than most folk might ever have imagined.

That’s why you’re awesome. So how do we make it real?

What if it were the very paradigm, that you and everyone else has inherited, which is the source of so many of those challenges? Of course there may be other factors too, but until that paradigm is sorted, you’ll always be struggling.

ROUND 2 – What would you really need in order to get on top of them – permanently?
Many people have resigned themselves to many of their issues, believing “That’s how the world is, and you just have to live with it”. But with a new paradigm come, new options. So, what would you need to take advantage of them?

ROUND 3 – What will it take to get your organisation’s key players behind you?
Of course it’s wonderful to dream. But you can’t change the paradigm and gather all the resources you need without first getting your senior bods on board. So, what’s in it for them?

Round 1

Changing your inherited
IC paradigm

Get under the skin of the cultural blindspots that are keeping your issues in place. And share these crucial insights with your leadership team, so you can change the conversation into one where everyone wins.

Game changing blind spots

Round 2

Creating a complete

Explore what lies behind the issues you’ve recognised. And identify everything you need to consign each of them to history, for good. (Oh, and we’ll also help you do this for any other issues your team have.)

Exploring your issues

Round 3

Making an irresistible
business case - made easy

Put together an irresistible business case (about as easily as possible) to get everything on your wish list (and we really do mean everything). And secure the right to update it each year, so you’re always ahead of the game.