the best

If he – snuggles up a little more – to the bumper of the car just ahead – then those scumbags can’t squeeze in.

And yet – it was just the day before he let them all in with a smile, but today somehow they incur his chagrin

He wonders why, for it’s still him.  Sometimes he can care, but sometimes he doesn’t dare

For in each new moment is he always as resourceful as he can be.  And what would you say was true for you and me?

So, given the way he feels right now he’s doing the best that he can do.  And isn’t that just the same  for me and you?

If she – carries on having her say, she could really do some damage to the guy they’re talking about behind his back.

And yet – catch her on another day, and her compassion will be leading her words defending the guy from attack.

She wonders why, for it’s still her. So why does her generous nature itch sometimes, to act like such a snitch?

In each new moment is she always as resourceful as she can be?And what would you say was true for you and me?

So given the way she feels right now she’s doing the best that she can do.  And isn’t that just the same for me and you?

Maybe how someone behaves, isn’t who they are.  The self behind the action is so much more by far.

But it doesn’t always seem that way: its presence isn’t always clear; the magic of all someone can be can get clouded by fear

Anyone who feels that this rings true can surely know that it can do so for others too

So is it OK for you to know that everyone is doing their best – even when it puts your patience to the test.

Knowing the best anyone can do can rise and it can fall; for no one is immune from being human, after all.

So any time you or they screw up – isn’t compassion what someone deserves? Even if it doesn’t half get on your nerves.

For if they could get better, and you could as well, you know it doesn’t mean anyone’s ill.  For at any time you can be making your best at doing your best better still.