think again

There was a time when they would want to know about the whole world

“How does that work?”“What does this mean? “ and “why?”

But as time goes by their appetite for new and fresh perspectives starts to wane

Then they won’t even feign to think again


And instead they’ve a desire to guard a point of view from ages past:

An entrenched idea they feel they must assert

Though it could hurt themselves and others they’d rather live a life of constant pain

Than ever deign to think again


Yes, it seems that some people only search until they find the answer

Then they won’t have to think about it any more, for now they know the score

But in a world of infinite ideas, couldn’t they find joy in more directions, if they just made more selections?


What if there could be more than the answer? What if they could discover another, and yet another too?

Couldn’t they be just as true to who they are?  Isn’t it so obvious, so plain

That it’s only sane to think again


What’s the point of blinkered thinking? What’s the bigot idea?What’s the bigot’s fear?

Clearly it shows that’s what, they’ve got: a bigot knows they’ll have no truck with thinking, that leaves them unstuck

And though it seems rather mad, they, throw good emotion after bad


So anyone who wants to have more freedom, know it’s always waiting for you. It’s there inside your own mind.

Maybe you’ll find you’ll have more choice, and happiness be simpler to sustain

If you can think again – can you not?


Think again, and again, and again and again

And a-gain more from your life; think a-gain more from your mind; think a-gain more from your self; think a-gain more from your world.