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Governance And Management Essentials

“I wouldn’t give a fig for the simplicity on this side of complexity, but I’d give my right arm for the simplicity on the other side of it.”
Oliver Wendell Holmes

“Bring it on; that’s what we do.”
Russell-Olivia Brooklands

We’ve been developing our training courses and support materials over the last 25 years, to:

  • Tackle IC’s most common challenges – with an elegance which takes many people by surprise.

  • Give you justifiable confidence in the quality of the practices you’re using.

  • Enable you (should you wish) to introduce DFVP standards for IC, across your organisation

And to help you make an informed choice about how good a ‘fit’ our training may be for your needs, you can check out:

Our due diligence approach

Understand how we design, deliver and follow-up our courses to make them as DFVP as we can.


Our alumni’s opinions

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Our suite of training courses

Explore our suite of live and e-training courses in Internal Communication Leadership