where your organisation is probably starting from

Inherited paradigms

Thanks to cultural inheritance most organisations are working with IC paradigms which are holding them back.

This is no one’s fault. But if you can compassionately and credibly walk your business leaders through those paradigms, show them a better way, and the benefits they’ll get from it, you can set everyone up to win.

We’ve written up each paradigm for you and your fellow IC Specialists. There are 12 in all.

And we’ve produced a subtly different version of each for you to share with your leaders, which looks at the paradigms from their perspective.

The 12 paradigm shifts

why we need an agreed definition of what internal communication is

a demonstrably valid purpose for internal communication

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Here you demonstrate the financial impact of not working in the way you want. And the numbers are almost always going to be so eye-wateringly painful that no one in their right mind could justify needlessly incurring those costs. You can download our REALISE tool to make your credible business case.


This will have more impact in some organisations than others, because it comes from explicitly aligning your working practices to your organisation’s values. Again, anyone asking you to work in any other way puts them in the untenable position of being in demonstrable conflict with those values. During GAME 1 we’ll give you the essential framework with which you can do the necessary aligning.