Why employees switch off

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Chances are you’ve come here because seen one of our posts about employees switching off, and you’d like to learn more.

We said this subject is a huge deal.  What we didn’t mention was that it’s also a sizeable one (and, if you’re an IC Specialist, endlessly fascinating too).

So would it be worth exploring?  If you knew how to stop employees switching off, would it make a big enough difference to day-to-day working life, and to your career over the longer term?

We’ve a few questions for you to help you decide.

Do any of these strike a chord with you?

  1. Do you encounter situations where some employees seem not to be paying attention?
  2. Are there also times when they complain about not being kept informed?

(That’s a pretty messed up combination to start with.)

  1. Do you have clients who won’t put aside enough time to brief you properly?…
  2. …or who want to muck about with your copy…
  3. …or won’t accept your recommendations to improve what they’ve drafted?
  4. Or does your approvals process sometimes gets stuck?

Maybe you don’t recognise all of these.  Even so, is it possible that – unrelated though they may seem – every one of them might have the same solution?

How wild would that be?  And at the same time, how useful?

(Spoiler alert: they do.  But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.)

Do these issues matter to you?

Chances are you’ve been living with at least some of these issues for a while (if not forever).  Importantly, then, when you think about the ones you recognise, how do you feel?

What impact do they have on your reputation; your sense of fulfilment, and your general feel-good factor?

And how about the rest of your team?  And your clients?  And your organisation as a whole?

It’s probably not brilliant. And maybe you’ve tried things in the past to address these issues.  Or perhaps you’ve long been resigned to them, because this sort of thing just comes with the territory.

If it’s the latter, we absolutely hear you.  There’s no point tying yourself in knots over problems which everyone else seems to have too – and to which there seems no solution.

Do they matter to your organisation?

Importantly though, they also have the potential to adversely affect:

  • employee well-being
  • operating costs
  • consumer and employer brand reputation and value
  • legal liabilities…

…which suggests you could be a bit of a hero were you to solve them.

‘Why employees switch off’: a FREE download

So, what if there was a way of understanding all those challenges you’ve inherited?  A single idea which impinges on every one of them?

What if there really could be a key to getting people to:

  • give your communications their full attention?
  • follow language standards?
  • set aside enough time to brief you properly?
  • not mess with copy you've written when they’re approving and signing it off?

And when you think about those issues, and the number of years you’ve already been putting up with them, would it be worth ten minutes of your time to understand one of their main root causes?

Especially if that cause is ultimately solvable?

If it would, we believe you’ll find this download really valuable.

Download ‘Why employees switch off’