the wish list builder

What it can do for you


The Wish List Builder makes it about as quick and easy as possible for you and your team to identify everything you need, so you can get…

…from wherever you are now…

…to wherever you want to be…

…and live the dream from hereon.

How the Wish List Builder works

It will help you put together a wish list both for the Common Issues you recognised, and any individual issues which sit beyond them.

Building a complete wish-list for your common issues involves three steps:

1. Identify your issues

Pick out the scenarios you recognise:

2. Identify their likely causes

Any issue may have a number of causes. It’s the causes that need addressing. So selecting the relevant ones is the second step:

3. Select the resources you don’t already have in place

Dealing successfully with any given cause may require a number of resources. You may already have some of those resources but be missing others. So here you can identify everything you need that you don’t yet have.

Review your wish list

You’ll be able to see everything you’ll need (which you don’t currently have) in order to bring those common issues to and end. And each item is hyperlinked to the relevant solution.

And in the spirit of DFVP, we’ll show you our workings out. If you need someone else to sanction anything on your wish list, this can make it easier for you to demonstrate why you need it.

Your wish list for uncommon/individual issues

It’s a different process for any individual issues you have, but again we’ll walk you through five very simple steps, which you can click through here.

And you can share it with your team to get their input, and keep adding to it for as long as you wish, as more issues arise.

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