Conscious communication approvals

The challenge

Communications – whether internal or external – often need to be approved by several stakeholders before they can be put in front of their audiences. But the process of approving communications involves a number of internal body-mind processes (some logical, others emotional) of which most people are only partially aware. If something doesn’t ‘feel right’ they often struggle to say why. So when the process relies on several people, it can easily get stuck.

The consequences

This can have several unfortunate consequences:

  • People have some of their time wasted
  • People get frustrated,
  • Relationships can suffer,
  • Your team members’ confidence can get knocked
  • The quality of copy can suffer
  • Communications can arrive late.

So it’s not only those doing the approving who can end up losing out.

This half-day workshop is designed specifically to tackle this extremely subtle yet complex issue.

Course outcomes

As a result of having attended this workshop your approval group members will have learned how to:

  1. Understand the unconscious processes they’re using when approving communications
  2. Understand the options they have for running those processes differently
  3. Take conscious control of their processing
  4. Agree a common approach with their colleagues, which can enable them all to get the job done as quickly, robustly and elegantly as possible.


Everyone attending this workshop will likely end up:

  • gaining more time
  • being that much more better at their job
  • contributing to better business results
  • getting along better with one another.

And because they’ll be understanding how language affects their thought processes, they’ll get three additional abilities as well:

  • eliminating writer’s block
  • being increasingly effective at editing their own writing,
  • more easily helping others become increasingly competent, confident writers (be they colleagues, or even their own children).


Minimum class size 4. Maximum class size unlimited (although we recommend no more than 20)

Price: £4760 + VAT