IC System feedback  process –

self assessment

What’s missing?

A. The common blind-spot

Plenty of organisations are great at eliciting feedback from employees about the communications they receive.  They’re often less good at enabling feedback on communications that aren’t happening, but should be:

  • rumours that never get confirmed or denied
  • broken intranet links
  • out of date mailing lists that leave out key people.

And more besides.

B. The consequences

If the mechanisms aren’t in place to capture communications that aren’t happening for employees, you effectively have the conditions for a second black-hole.

And it’s almost certain to foster even greater disconnect between the employees and their managers and leaders.

(It can also mean feedback people provide to their line manager may get stuck there, because there’s no other  route by which those employees can chase up what’s happened to it.)

C. The self-assessment

Does your organisation have mechanisms in place for ensuring employees can provide information about missing communications?

If not, and you’d like to better manage the flow of information across the piece, you can…

…Find the solution here