Making it happen

Five practices

For IC Practice Governance to work, you need to establish five key IC practices. And, to be credible, all five need to be DFVP.

1. Language standards – which apply to oral and written communications, and support employees’ own internal dialogue.

2. The briefing process – the essential process of identifying what needs communicating, to whom, when and how.

3. Channel mix – crucial for ensuring everyone can access everything they need – whenever they need it, and wherever they may be at the time -and can respond to communicators in a timely way.

4. Outcome feedback – the rules and support employees need, so they’re providing relevant, complete, timely feedback about any communications they’re receiving. And that feedback is being responded to effectively.

5. IC system feedback – a parallel set of rules and guidelines for employees to provide feedback on how well (or not) the entire IC system is working for them.

You can learn all five through live training (online at present)

Once these are in place, the non-specialists will need to learn and follow just three practices:

    1. Language standards
    2. Identifying IC needs
    3. Providing valid feedback

We have e-learning available to help you make this happen.

Inevitably, introducing and maintaining these practices successfully requires planning. We’ve mapped out the key steps here.