a step-by-step process

Eight steps

Introducing IC Practice Governance (ICPG) is fairly straightforward. We’ve mapped out the eight steps involved. And we can provide any support you need to make it happen:

1. Define and validate your starting point.

  • What issues do your line managers and their teams have with internal communications at present?
  • What are these issues costing, both financially and in terms of employee well-being

Our REALISE research tool can help you measure the costs

2. Define and validate your ideal end-point

Who within your organisation would you want to be communicating to DFVP standards? Would it be just your leadership team? All line managers? All employees? You decide. (This will likely affect the amount of time you need to allow, and the number of people you’ll need in your ICPG team.)

3. Learn and tailor DFVP IC standards.

Your IC Practice Governor(s) will need to learn the standards that everyone else will be expected to follow. Some of these (eg the Channel Mix) may need to be tailored to meet your organisation’s unique situation.

We’ve spent 25 years developing this training, so it’s ready to go.

4. Set up the IC Practice Leadership infrastructure.

  • Who will be monitoring which communications?
  • How frequently?
  • How would employees report poor communications, and to whom?
  • What will be the SLAs IC Practice Governors will be working to?
  • Will adherence to DFVP IC standards be linked to Reward & Recognition?
  • How are you going to measure the well-being and financial impact?
  • What support will be provided, and by whom, to anyone who’s struggling to meet the standards?

5. Roll-out the education and support.

  • What’s your timetable going to be?
  • Who’s going to oversee the roll-out?
  • When will you introduce IC Practice Standards to your induction programme?

6. Monitor results

  • Is ICPG going to be a full-time role for one or more people? Or will it be added to existing responsibilities?
  • To whom will the results be reported?
  • How will you discover what’s impeding people’s desire or ability to meet the standards?

7. Making refinements

  • Who will need to sign off on these?
  • How urgently should they be implemented?
  • How will they be communicated?

8. Reap the rewards

How will you communicate successes?

If you have any questions…

…or would like any guidance, by all means get in touch: