new paradigm blogs

What they’re for

In many ways the pandemic has ruptured the ‘old normal’. People have now been talking about ‘the new normal’ for some time. But things are still in too much of a state of flux for much in the way of stability.

The good news is that it gives us a chance to consciously design what that new normal is going to look like. There’s a once in a lifetime opportunity rethink the paradigm we all inherited from those who came before us.

That’s what these blogs do. They can help you have powerful conversations with your organisation’s leaders. You can help them rethink situations they may long have taken for granted even though they have long been . holding everyone back.

There are twelve in all:

  1. Why best practice isn’t good enough, and what we need instead
  2. Why you have a moral obligation to be living the dream
  3. Why we need to agree a common definition for internal communication
  4. The purpose of IC what it really is and why
  5. Clear criteria to tell us if our IC practices are good enough
  6. Why everybody struggles and it’s no ones fault
  7. Why IC leadership worth a fortune
  8. Why internal communications often get wrongly blamed
  9. Why employees switch off and don’t even know it
  10. Why the PR and Marcoms models always fall short internally
  11. Why skills training is a myth
  12. Why we need this new paradigm

And to help you hold these conversations, we’ve produced separate versions of each blog for you and for them – which you can download for free.