what internal communication is worth

In short, it’s worth a fortune

Here’s why:

Two factors make it inevitable that virtually every organisation is sitting on vast untapped potential.

1. Human beings are not born with an internal communication gene – which would enable any of us to get it right without being taught. And (as email overload etc demonstrates) traditional business communication courses aren’t teaching people everything they need to know.


2. The costs of not getting it right are usually way bigger than most people imagine. There are nine such costs. And together they add up to eye-watering amounts.


Find out what it’s worth to you

You can’t credibly measure all the costs (and, frankly, you don’t need to). But for the ones you can credibly measure we’ve put together a tool called REALISE.

REALISE makes it as simple as can be to work out a substantial amount of the untapped value of IC within your organisation. And to give you a sense of its potential value, we’ve made a working demo version you can download for FREE.