Needing more budget

Likely impact

When you don’t have enough budget:

  1. You may not be able to employ enough people in your team to be on top of everything, so everyone’s working under more pressure, and they’re more likely to have to rush and produce lower quality work.
  2. The quality of suppliers you’re able to call on, and equipment you’ll be working with, is likely to be lower, which will also have an impact on quality, and possibly speed (if your hardware or software are old and slow).
  3. You won’t be able to invest as much as you might want in your professional development (training, trade-body memberships, conferences etc).

Likely causes

This is almost certainly down to a lack of understanding about the true value of Internal Communication among the key decision makers.

Almost all senior people are happy to pay lip service to its importance. Many if not most of them will sincerely believe they take it seriously. But they usually have no idea what it’s really worth to your organisation. So if you were to ask them if they take IC seriously enough, they have no way of knowing. How, then, can they take informed decisions about the amount of budget you really need?

Potential solutions

You need to educate your organisation’s leaders about the true commercial value of Internal Communication – and what the current, inherited paradigm is costing.

Things to consider for your wish-list

We have devoted an entire section of this site to helping you make a ‘forever’ business case – that can secure all the budget you’ll need from now on – as simply as possible.

Where those solutions could take you

Being able to demonstrate the extraordinary financial value of your work should enable you to secure all the budget you need. And, even more significantly, perhaps, it can support your mandate, so you get permission to call the shots with your clients.

Likely benefits…

…for you

With enough budget and the right mandate, you and your team can develop and implement DFVP skills and practices. These can:

  • save you time,
  • give you justifiable confidence and
  • make your job about as fulfilling as it can possibly be.

…for your organisation

Sharing those practices through IC Leadership can significantly help your organisation to operate more efficiently and effectively, enhancing both its reputation and its financial wellbeing.