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Is IC Practice Governance even needed? 11:46

Should IC Teams be supporting line managers with their communicating much as Finance Teams support those managers with their budgets?

In this first episode we explore the thinking behind this idea. Is it a mad concept that could never work, or should it be a no brainer?

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Why IC Practice Governance is worth a fortune 18:06

We have now replaced this podcast with an animated slide show which you can watch and listen to below.

It’s podcast number 14.

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Getting line managers on board: 12:17

Even though IC Practice Governance can only make life easier for line managers, some of them may feel it calls their competence into question.

This episode explains why no one needs to feel any more defensive about it than they would about following procedures for completing their budget returns.

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Why best practice isn’t good enough (and what we need instead) 12:34

‘Best practice’ is most people’s default setting for defining the best way to carry out any business activity. But it’s not a robust method.

So we’re advocating an alternative: ‘DFVP’. At first it may seem radical but, when you think it through, it’s actually a no-brainer.

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Why we all need to agree on a definition of IC 12:33

Given the likely ambivalence of some line managers, IC Practice Governance can work only if the practices themselves are Demonstrably Fit for Valid Purposes.

So IC needs a demonstrably valid purpose. But no one can know the purpose of any given thing without first defining the thing itself.

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A demonstrably valid definition of IC 14:14

Even though it’s the world’s most ubiquitous business activity, there is still no consensus as to what ‘Internal Communication’ actually is.

This is true even among IC Specialists (and they often wonder why it’s not taken as seriously as they want). Here we think through a definition everyone can buy into.

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The purpose of Internal Communication 12:20

Just as there are currently many definitions of IC, so too are there numerous differing opinions about what its purpose is.

That’s why it’s not enough just to have ‘a purpose’. It needs to be demonstrably valid. So along with the purpose we describe here, we show you our workings out.

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Working in The Sweet Spot 10:40

Before presuming to support line managers with their communication activities, the IC Team’s own house has be be irreproachably up to scratch.

That means your team’s business, knowledge, practice designs, technical skills and mandate all need to be Demonstrably Fit for Valid Purposes.

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Sizing up the elephant in the room 11:46

It’s all very well claiming a given IC practice is fit for purpose, but how can you know for sure? Against what criteria should you be evaluating it?

In this session we spell out nine essential TRACELACE criteria which can let everybody know if their IC practices are Demonstrably Fit for Valid Purposes, or falling short.

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Connecting the dream to the everyday 11:35

Having those nine DFVP criteria is all very well, as an end result. But how do they relate to your team’s day-to-day working practices?

In this episode we revisit each of the criteria in turn, so you know where to look within your team’s working practices if anything’s coming up short. it makes planning your team’s development much simpler.

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Cleaning house with a safety net 14:06

It will be impossible to credibly start laying down the law for anyone else if the IC Function itself hasn’t yet exorcised all its demons.

In this episode we look at what some of those demons might look like, and explore how you can create a safety net for your key decision makers, so they’re comfortable to let you make the necessary changes.

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Showing the workings out 13:46

Throughout this series we’ve been emphasising how being able to ‘show your workings out’ is vital for the success of IC Practice Governance. But what does that really involve?

What do line managers need to be able to see if they’re to be convinced they should follow the rules? In this episode we delve into that critical piece of the puzzle, and walk you through our workings out.




What’s in it for you as a line manager? 09:13

The onus for making IC Practice Governance viable and effective inevitably rests with the Internal Communication Specialists.

But the whole point of doing it is to support line managers. So what’s in it for them? This episode talks directly to line managers about what ICPG is, and the benefits it can deliver to them and their teams.

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Why IC is worth a fortune 17:15

In the current economic climate, why should your leadership team be investing more in IC?  Simple: doing so is worth a fortune – if the investment is smart.

But for decades many IC Specialists may have been making the wrong argument.  In this episode we take a different tack, and show you how to make a compelling case for everything you want and need.




A working model for IC Practice Governance 15:00

Is IC Practice Governance just a theoretical model, or can it work in the real world?  What would it take to make it happen? Who would need to do what?

This episode gives you an overview of the essential components of ICPG, the order in which they need to be worked on, and how they fit together.