IC Practice Governance Podcasts

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ICPG Podcast 1: Is IC Practice Governance even needed? 11:46

ICPG Podcast 2: Why IC Practice Governance is worth a fortune: 18:06

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ICPG Podcast 3: Getting line managers on board: 12:17

ICPG Podcast 4: Why best practice isn’t good enough (and what we need instead) 12:34

ICPG Podcast 5: Why we all need to agree on a definition of IC 12:33

ICPG Podcast 6: A demonstrably valid definition of IC 14:14

ICPG Podcast 7: The purpose of Internal Communication 12:20

ICPG Podcast 8: Getting your own house in order 10:40

ICPG Podcast 9: Sizing up the elephant in the room 11:46