Game-changing blind-spots


We all have blind-spots: stuff which is affecting the way we understand the world, but we can’t see it.

Our inherited IC paradigm is riddled with them.

Some of them are likely holding back pretty much everyone, including you.

So if you and your team are going to win at this game, you need to start rethinking the paradigm you’ve inherited.

Here’s how:

12 strategic blind-spots

We’re going to shine a light on twelve of the biggest blind-spots we’ve noticed over the last 30 years.

If you go through them in order they will build a coherent picture for you of:

  • what you’ve probably inherited that’s getting in the way
  • why it’s problematic
  • what you need instead.

In short, you gain three decades’-worth of game-changing insights in little more than a single lunchtime.