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The brains behind IC Practice Governance

Developing IC Practice Governance has been a team effort.

Once upon a time a group if Internal Communication Specialists (with over 100 years of combined experience between us) got together and agreed that things could surely be better. Better not just for the IC community, but better in terms of the impact that community could be having on the organisations they serve. And, come to that, the wider communities those organisations serve. In short, better for just about everybody on the planet – whether they go to work or not.

So we hatched a plan.

For years, one of us: Russell-Olivia Brooklands (ROB) had been having nagging doubts about the very concept of ‘best practice’ (he was far from the only one). But it was only in 2015 that he finally worked out a tenable alternative: DFVP. That’s practice which is Demonstrably Fit for Valid Purposes.

Then he approached the British Standards Institution, who invited him to study their ‘parent’ standard for developing standards. It’s called BS0. (For the record, some 40% of the world’s ISO standards start out as British Standards.)

Using BS0, we spent the next four years putting together a set of standards for eight core internal communication practices. Five of these sit at the heart of IC Practice Governance. Each one fulfils all the strict criteria of BS0; in fact they go one better.

BS0 doesn’t require anyone to ‘show their workings out’. So even if British or ISO standards are ‘demonstrably fit’, you don’t necessarily get to see the demonstration. But with our standards you do (if you’re interested, that is).

This means you can be sure that what we teach will work for sure. And you get an unprecedented depth of understanding as to why each piece of the puzzle is necessary – what it’s doing for you and your organisation. Better still you’ll be in a position to demonstrate this to the people who pay you. In short, you – and anyone who goes through our training – will come away with justifiable confidence in the IC practices they’re following.

You can see plenty of our ‘workings out’ on this site. And if you’ve any observations or questions for us, do let us know.