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Is The Communication Game right for you?

If you’re an IC Specialist, The Communication Game will enable you to play your way into The Sweet Spot.

This is where you have everything you want and need to do your job the way you may always have dreamed of.  (Or perhaps never dared to dream.)  

To get into The Sweet Spot, four key factors have to come together.  Our consultancy services and training programmes can  help you make that happen.

And maybe that all sounds fine and groovy.  But will you enjoy our way of working?  Will we meet you where you’re at right now?  Let’s see…

Are you right for The Communication Game?

Chances are you’re going to love playing The Communication Game if you run, or are a member of an in-house Internal Communication Team, and

  • You yearn for a greater sense of certainty that you’re doing the job as well as you can, and/or
  • You’re frustrated by the level of influence (or lack of it) you’ve inherited.  And you feel “There must be a better way” and/or
  • You sense your clients could do better (and some would like to do better) if you could find the right ways to support them, and/or
  • You simply want to take your career to a new level, and set yourself and your team on a path to having maximum impact.

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We have dozens of resources you can tap into, from blogs about changing the very paradigm you’ve inherited, to details about our courses.  And loads more besides.

See if you recognise any of these ten common challenges IC teams often face.  And find out how you can end them.

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A few samples of what our clients have had to say about the value we’ve added to their professional lives. 

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Our lodestar since we came up with it in 2015.  For us, ‘best practice’ is a label which carries no meaningful guarantees.  That’s why everything we offer is DFVP: Demonstrably Fit for Valid Purposes

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Read up on a raft of blind-spots that hide within the design of some of the most common IC practices.  And discover if your organisation has them.

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Understand your astonishing untapped commercial potential, by using our free download 

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We feel anyone who’s thinking of buying training deserves to know what lies behind it. 

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Russell-Olivia Brooklands: the mind behind The Communication Game: what’s our back-story?

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