IC practice governance…

…will make your life better:


It’ll make everyone’s life better in your organisation.

It’s a radical new way for you to up everyone’s game as internal communicators:

    • your own team
    • leaders
    • line managers
    • and their teams…

…so your whole organisation can do more with less. How is this possible?

Internal communication:

    • is the only business activity everyone does. (Not everyone manages people, or budgets. Not everyone does sales, or runs IT systems. But everyone communicates.)

    • pervades every other business activity. So the better people’s internal communicating, the better (and more cheaply) everything else runs. And the better everyone’s likely to feel

IC Practice Governance:

    1. supports employee well-being
    2. significantly reduces operating costs
    3. enhances brand value…

…in a way nothing else can.

Follow the links below to discover more. Or, if you prefer the personal touch, you can book a FREE online workshop in which we’ll walk you through:

    • what it is
    • how it works
    • what’s in it for you
    • how easily you can bring it to life in your organisation.

Think of it like this:

IC Practice Governance (ICPG) is the Internal Communication equivalent of budget management practices. Imagine your organisation needed to improve its budget management. The leadership team would turn to the Finance Department to:

  • design,
  • introduce, and
  • oversee…

…effective practices for budget holders. After all, the Finance folk are the experts in that discipline. And they would:

    1. document the necessary practice standards
    2. ensure the appropriate training is in place
    3. monitor how well the managers are doing the job
    4. provide appropriate support to anyone who’s struggling

This means:

    • Finance Specialists don’t have to manage everyone else’s budgets for them.
    • Line managers don’t have to become qualified accountants in order to manage their budgets to the right standards.

ICPG involves those same four activities. Only this time the practice standards are focused on internal communication rather than budgets.

Inevitably, there are more IC activities to oversee than there are budgets. But it is completely doable. And when you think through the business benefits, it’s absolutely worth doing – especially in our new environment…

Why it matters right now

The shift to mass WFH means many line managers need to operate in a new way. They’ve always needed to be effective communicators, but those demands have now been amped up to an unprecedented level.

They need to keep their people motivated and connected to their purpose. And they need to handle the still novel and unfolding challenges of working alone.

ICPG gives you the means to support them – and their teams. And it can help your organisation perform better than ever before.

It doesn’t replace any need for traditional IC Management; that still has to happen. It expands that role to one of far greater significance and influence. If you’re an IC Manager, it can also help solve all manner of common niggles and challenges.

And whether or not you’re an IC Specialist, it brings serious business benefits too…

Business benefits

Employee well-being

One of the keys to anyone’s well-being at work is self-confidence: the sense that they know they’re doing the job right. In fact, many folk say this is arguably the most important factor of all. But in a culture which has long included “Fake it ’til you make it”, and 80% of people admitting to ‘Imposter Syndrome’, we need more than the outward appearance of confidence.

ICPG can give line managers justifiable confidence in their abilities as Internal Communicators. So, crucially, it can also give their teams justifiable confidence in what’s being communicated to them.

Lower operating costs

This is where ICPG can pay back many times over. The cost of ineffective internal communicating can be huge. It always has been so. By introducing ICPG, you can significantly reduce the needless waste which has long been the inevitable fall-out from undisciplined IC practices.

In many organisations this waste can run to hundreds of working hours per employee, per year. So – depending on the size of your organisation – ICPG could help reduce operating costs by millions, or by tens or hundreds of millions a year.

Enhanced brand reputation

Internal communication pervades every other business activity. For better or worse it affects how well everything in your organisation is done.

So anything which underpins the quality of people’s IC practices can only support the quality of everything else. The only way is up.

Book a FREE online workshop to learn more.

Navigating this novel concept

What’s it worth? IC Practice Governance can return thousands of pounds/dollars/euro per employee, per year. Here you can find out how much it could be worth to your organisation.

How to make it happen. What tools and support can you tap into, if you want to introduce IC Practice Governance to your organisation?

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